Do you have a question?  Do you have an answer?  Here is your chance to share your experiences with any particular Doctor, Agency or aspect of your parenting journey.  There is a lot to learn and your questions and experience are key to creating a complete picture of what it is like for gay families to grow.  Feel free to ask a question or share your feelings, good or bad, so that others may learn.  Email your questions, answers and issues today!

Your latest questions answered.

Top ten questions to ask before signing up with an IVF clinic, law office, or agency as a surrogate

Attorney Theresa M. Erickson recommends: 1. Contact a Reproductive Lawyer or IVF Clinic for recommendations – the lawyers and the […]

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Must Know Facts for Intended Parents Using Surrogates

My husband and I have learned SO MUCH through the process of our surrogacy experience and I hope that you […]

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Surrogacy and Medi-Cal Insurance

Submitted by stephaniec on Thu, 06/11/2009 – This past week I received a telephone call from a surrogate who […]

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Becoming Pregnant

We are there…..What can we expect next? Once you get over the hurdles of an IVF cycle and get the […]

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Finding Perspective Parents

Hello, If you are looking to place your child or know someone who is, please pass this along. We have […]

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Update to Providing Insurance For Your Surrogate

Now I read that Beitler Insurance, our insurance company, is being sued by New Life Agency for a surrogate’s maternity […]

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Providing Insurance for your Carrier

OK-  When a surrogacy agency tells you that your carrier is uninsured, but that it is not a problem, think […]

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