New York Adoption Facts

New York Adoption Facts

New York Adoption Facts

If you are a same sex couple living in New York adoption is a topic that will definitely come up between partners looking to start, or expand, their family. Before you decide what’s best for your family, it’s a good idea to do some research, look at all your options, and even speak with an attorney that specializes in adoption before you file a petition.

What are my options for New York adoption?

Luckily, New York adoption laws don’t place many restrictions on same sex couples or the LGBT community when looking to adopt a child, as long as you pass all the required medical and background checks.


You need not be married or even in a relationship. When looking to adopt, here are the options available:

  • Traditional adoption: This is the process that comes to mind when most people think about adopting a child. The child is typically (but not always) a baby or very young child, and you start the process through an adoption agency. All of New York’s social service districts have an adoption unit, and this is usually a good place to start researching information. If you’re interested in an international adoption program, make sure you choose an agency that provides those services.
  • Fostering or adopting a foster child: Fostering a child is often a deeply rewarding experience and as such many people decide to go this route to bring children into their lives. There are a couple different options within the foster care system. Some people choose to be a foster parent only, with no intention to adopt. You can also be a foster parent and then decide to adopt your foster child, or, you can become a foster parent with the intention of adoption from the very beginning. A foster child is generally only available to be adopted if they cannot be reunited with their family.

Once you start the adoption process, there are a few different ways to petition for New York adoption.

  • Petition Jointly: You do not have to be married or in a partnership to petition to adopt a child in New York, however, if you are married or life partners a joint petition will be the easiest and most seamless way for both partners to create a legal relationship with your child. With a joint petition, legal parentage is automatically established for both parents.
  • Second Parent Adoption: A second parent adoption will be necessary if you did not file a joint petition to adopt your child, if you are not married and if only one partner is legally their parent. Both parents will still need to participate in the process.
  • Step Parent Adoption: Marriage does not automatically create a legal relationship with the child; a legal relationship will need to be established for the non adoptive or non biological parent (if your partner has a biological child). This process is similar to second parent adoption and applies to married couples.
  • Single Parent Adoption: You can be single and petition to adopt a child in the State of New York.
  • Adopting a Foster Child: Before adopting a foster child, you will need to get certified to be a foster parent. If you plan from the beginning to adopt a foster child, you will then go through the process of adoption matching, pre-adoption placement and then follow through with filing the adoption petition and finalizations.



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