COLAGE creates survey for individuals born to LGBQ parent(s) through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

via Mombian – February 20, 2015

Help COLAGE, the national organization for those with LGBTQ parents, create a guide for youth and young adults born through assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

COLAGE is asking children of LGBQ parents to complete a confidential survey to help them prepare the informational guide. They explain on their website:

It will include conversations addressing different experiences youth face when talking about their method of conception and other things that come up when talking to peers and in their communities. This survey focuses on LGB families and we will have another survey that focuses specifically on families with trans and gender queer parents.

The finished guide will be available on the COLAGE website in electronic format and will be inclusive of all ART methods that LGBTQ families are using to create families.

This survey is for gaining information to create the COLAGE Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Guide in hopes of increasing awareness of and providing support and empowerment to people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer parent(s). We are looking for parent(s) who have used ART or youth, young adults, and adults born through ART who would be comfortable sharing their experiences. We are interested in families who have used surrogacy, donor insemination, in vitro fertilization, and any other methods of ART. If you are a trans or gender queer parent or have a trans or gender queer parent, please contact Robin Marquis at for a survey designed specifically for you and your family!

Click here to go to the survey page!

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

Attorney and Advocate at Time For Families
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Anthony Brown