‘Ex-gay’ mother abducts child

January 2, 1:47 AMInternational LGBT Issues ExaminerKelvin Lynch

Lisa Miller, an ‘ex-gay’ evangelical Christian who was in a lesbian relationship in Vermont for four years, has abducted the former couple’s 7-year-old daughter following a court order awarding sole custody to her former partner.

Miller renounced being gay in 2004 and took the child, Isabella, from Vermont to Virginia.  A judge awarded her former partner, Janet Jenkins, liberal visitation rights at the time.  However, Miller failed to allow Jenkins to visit with Isabella, and a judge found Miller in contempt of court on November 20, 2009, awarding Jenkins sole legal custody of Isabella.

The girl was supposed to be handed over to Jenkins on January 1, 2010, but Miller failed to show up and has apparently absconded with Isabella.  Miller has reportedly ceased contact with her attorneys.

Jenkins’ attorney said, “She’s very disappointed, obviously.  She’s very concerned about Isabella and asks that if anybody sees Isabella, that they please contact the authorities.”

According to Ex-Gay Watch, in a 2008 interview with a right-wing Christian website, Miller accused Jenkins of verbal and physical abuse towards her and neglect of the Isabella. Miller also made insinuations of sexual abuse, saying Jenkins took a naked bath with the child, and claimed Isabella had started “openly masturbating.”

Miller called homosexuality a “sin,” and became an evangelical Christian upon ending her relationship with Jenkins.  Miller said in court documents,  “Isabella knows that Ms. Jenkins’ choice to continue to live a homosexual lifestyle is a sin.”

Miller now faces possible criminal charges. Miller’s last known address was in Forest, Virginia. It’s unclear at this time whether or not Virginia police will search for Miller and Isabella, although a warrant for her arrest will likely be issued for contempt of court.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

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