The Hague has decided to appoint an expert group to meet early next year to look at private international rules concerning children, including surrogacy

March 30, 2015 via Stephen Page

The Council decided that an Experts’ Group be convened to explore the feasibility of advancing work in this area . The Experts’ Group should first consider the private international law rules regarding the legal status of children in cross-border situations, including those born of international surrogacy arrangements. To this end, the Council decided that:

a)  the Experts’ Group should meet in early 2016 and report to the 2016 Council;

b)  the Group should be geographically representative and be composed in consultation with Members; and

c)  members are invited to keep the Permanent Bureau updated regarding significant developments in their States in relation to legal parentage and surrogacy.


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Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

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Anthony Brown